Gulf Meter Factory leading a large and professional manufacturing ductile fittings for water pipelines in GCC with high production lines and modern inspection equipment.

This is manual has been prepared to assist qualified engineers of clients, consultants, contractors and project managers in the specification and use if the company’s products.

Ductile iron fittings are used for the transmission of water, drainage effluents, slurries and various other fluids, it deals essentially with water industry applications. We manufacturing ductile fittings for treated, untreated, drinking and waste water.

In 1980, we started in the name of STF (Saudi Technology Factory) after a few years, we introduced our company by the name of Gulf Meter Factory (GMF). GMF owners partners in international ductile iron pipe company (INDIPCO) Jubail K.S.A.

Ductile Iron Pipe (K9) According to ISO 2531 (Dia, 80mm to 220mm), Ductile fittings (K12, K14).

Also we have a full range of valves (Gate, Butterfly, Air release, Swing Check Valve etc.). Flange Adaptor/Flexible Coupling and Dismantling Joints and Fire hydrants.

Agent to Xinfeng 3D, Factories in China

Agent for Tyco and ACI Factories before.

GMF Products have the approval of Saudi Ministry of Water (KSA and NWC). And other government sections.